Xiang Hua

Candidate of technical Sciences

Postdoctoral fellow at Beijing Institute of Technology

Advisor to the Academy for the section on sustainable development problems of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences


Contact Information:

Office address: 100081, Beijing, Zhongguancun, South Street, Haidian District, 5. Tel.: 008613466570069. E-mail: shidajundao@163.com.



  • Medal “100 years of the Komsomol – All-Union Leninist Communist Youth Union”.
  • Medal “For contribution to the development of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences”.
  • Author of more than 20 scientific papers, including 10 articles in the quality of the responsible author, 9 Scopus articles, 6 articles of the Higher Attestation Commission,
  • Participant of the main research plan of the Sinopec Engineering Institute “Basic technologies of drilling in a cold sea in polar conditions”, Educational exchanges with the Russian National Oil and Gas University, Mining University and Northern (Arctic) Federal University. .

Research interests

A famous scientist in the field of technology – the founder of a new scientific direction: “Development of gas hydrate fields, drilling in the Arctic, predicting and preventing geological disasters, deep-water drilling and underbalanced drilling.”

Primary publications

  1. Wei, B.*, Zhang, X., Wu, R., Liu, J., Xiang H.*, Xu, X. (2019). Supercritical CO2-EOR in an asphaltenic tight sandstone formation and the changes of rock petrophysical properties induced by asphaltene precipitation. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, Volume 184, January 2020, 106515. (Scopus)
  2. Xiang H., Kadet V V, Evtyuhin A V, et al. Scientific Base and the Results of Electro treatment Technology for EOR[C]//Proceedings of the International Field Exploration and Development Conference 2017. Springer, Singapore, 2019: 908-920. (Scopus/WoS)
  3. Xu, Y., Yang, J., Xiang, H. *, Meng, W., & Deng, H. (2018). Calculation of side friction resistance between the formation and conductor during the jetting process in deepwater drilling. [J] Marine Georesources & Geotechnology, 1-8.(Scopus)
  4. Xiang Hua, and Valery V. Kadet. “Modern methods of underground hydromechanics with applications to reservoir engineering.” [J] Journal of Hydrodynamics, Ser. B 28.6 (2016): 937-946.  (Scopus)
  5. Сян Хуа, Кадет В.В., Никитин Б.А., et al. Современные разработки Китайских ученых для защиты нефтегазовых залежей на основе буровых растворов. [J] Научно-технический журнал «Проблемы сбора, подготовки и транспорта нефти и нефтепродуктов», 2018 (3): 72-83. (ВАК) опубликован
  6. Wang, Z., Yu, J., Zhang, J., Liu, S., Gao, Y., Xiang, H., & Sun, B. (2019). Improved thermal model considering hydrate formation and deposition in gas-dominated systems with free water. [J] Fuel, 236, 870-879. (Scopus/ WoS)
  7. Song Yu, Yang Jin, Xiang Hua, Zhou Bo. Bearing Capacity of a Single Pile in Saturated and Drainage Clay. [J]Acta Geotechnica Slovenicа, 2019 Vol.16, No.1 (Scopus/WoS ) опубликован
  8. Zhang, Z., Sun, B., Wang, Z., Gao, Y., Yuan, K., Xu, L., & Xiang, H. (2019). The foamability analysis of foam drainage in liquid-producing gas wells. Shiyou Xuebao, 40(1), 108-114.( Scopus )
  9. Sun, B., Zhang, Z., Wang, Z., & Xiang, H. (2018). Interfacial friction factor prediction in vertical annular flow based on the interface roughness. [J] Chemical Engineering & Technology, 41(9), 1833-1841. (Scopus/WoS)
  10. Li, W., Zhou, H., Wang, W., Wang, G., Gu, Y., Xiang, H., … & Mu, Z. (2017, October). Safe Drilling Technology for Horizontal Wells in Ultra-Thick Salt-Gypsum Rock in The Right Bank of The Turkmen Amu Darya. In SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference. [C] Society of Petroleum Engineers,2017. (Scopus).