Voshkin Andrey

Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Deputy Director for Research, IGIC RAS.

Contact Information:
119991, Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 31, IGIC RAS
e-mail: voshkin@igic.ras.ru
Tel. work .: (495) 954-24-42


  • Deputy Director for Research, Head of the Laboratory of Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Technology, IGIC RAS.
  • Laureate of the competition of the Foundation for the Promotion of Russian Science 2008-2009. in the nomination “Candidates and Doctors of Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences” in the direction “Chemistry and Materials Science”; laureate of the competition for grants of the President of the Russian Federation to support young Russian scientists – candidates of science in 2006-2007. in the direction “Chemistry, new materials and chemical technologies”.
  • Author of over 100 scientific papers, including over 50 articles and 8 patents for inventions.
  • Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences for Chemical Technology; Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council on Chemical Technology of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
  • Member of the Russian Chemical Society. DI. Mendeleev.
  • Deputy editor-in-chief of the journal “Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Technology”, member of the editorial board of the journal “Chemical Technology”; Chairman of the State Examination Commission, Faculty of Chemistry, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov.

Research interests

Development of physical and chemical foundations for separation of components of liquid mixtures, as well as technological solutions associated with the practical implementation of extraction methods in the technology of extraction, separation and purification of organic and inorganic substances.

Primary publications

  1. Gradov O.M., Zakhodyaeva Y.A., Voshkin A.A. Breakup of immiscible liquids at the interface using high-power acoustic pulses // Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification. 2018. Vol. 131 P. 125–130.
  2. Gradov O.M., Voshkin A.A., Zakhodyaeva Y.A. Estimating the parameters of ultrasonically induced mass transfer and flow of liquids in the pseudomembrane method // Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification. 2017. Vol. 118 P. 54–61.
  3. Zakhodyaeva Y.A., Izyumova K.V., Solov’eva M.S., Voshkin A.A. Extraction separation of the components of leach liquors of batteries // Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering. 2017. Vol.51. № 5. P. 883–887.
  4. Kholkin A.I., Belova V.V., Zakhodyaeva Y.A. & Voshkin A.A. Solvent Extraction of Weak Acids in Binary Extractant Systems // Separation Science and Technology. 2013. Vol. 48. № 9. Р. 1417–1425.
  5. Kostanyan A.E., Voshkin A.A., Kodin N.V. Controlled-cycle pulsed liquid–liquid chromatography. A modified version of Craig’s CCD Chromatography // J. Chromatogr. A. 2011. Vol. 1218. P. 6135–6143.
  6. Kostanyan A.E., Voshkin A.A. Support–free pulsed liquid–liquid chromatography // Journal of Chromatography A. 2009. Vol. 1216. № 45. P. 7761–7766.
  7. Belova V.V., Voshkin A.A., Kholkin A.I., Pyartman A.K. Solvent extraction of some lanthanides from chloride and nitrate solutions by binary extractants // Hydrometallurgy. 2009. Vol. 97. P. 198–203.
  8. Voshkin A.A., Shkinev V.M., Zakhodyaeva Yu.A. Extraction method for obtaining nanosized crystals of metal oxides // Pat. RF No. 2625877. Date of registration: 19.07.2017 Published on 19.07.2017 Byull. No. 20. Priority dated July 18, 2016