Vainerman Efim

Doctor of Chemical Sciences

Member of the New York Academy of Sciences

Laureate of the State Prize of Estonia.

Contact Information:
Tel. 8 (916) 631-71-13.

Tel. mob .: 8-903-675-91-71


  • Graduated from the Engineering Physico-Chemical Faculty of the D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia.
  • Author of more than 250 scientific publications in domestic and leading international journals, copyright certificates and patents, including the USA, Australia, Italy, France, New Zealand.
  • The main scientific activity took place at the Institute of Organoelement Compounds of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (RAS), where he rose from a graduate student to the head of a laboratory.

Research interests

Physical chemistry of biopolymers

Primary publications

  1. A study of interaction of protein with acidic polysaccharides. // Colloid and Polymer Sci. v.252, N3.
  2. Behaviour of biomolecules in water-organic solvent-inorganic salt two phase ternary systems // Journal of Chromatography. v.288, N1.
  3. Study of cryostructurization of polymer systems // Colloid and Polymer Sci. v.259, N12; v.260, N8; v.262, N8.
  4. Structure formation during freezing of a polymerizing system consisting of vinyl and divinyl monomers. // Reports of the USSR Academy of Sciences, vol. 270, N1.
  5. Porous polymer material and process for production thereof. // US Patent 5,494,939.