Mizonov Vadim

Doctor of Technical Sciences

Professor of Ivanovo State Power Engineering University

Contact Information:

153003, Ivanovo, st. Rabfakovskaya, 34, Ivanovo State Power Engineering University
e-mail: mizonov46@mail.ru
Tel.: (4932) 269745
Mob .: 8-910-9948858


  • Professor of the Department of Applied Mathematics, Ivanovo State Power Engineering University.
  • Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.
  • Laureate of the RF Government Prize in Science and Technology.
  • Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of Russia.
  • Academician of the International Academy of Systems Research.
  • Member of the Working Group “Grinding and Classification” of the European Federation of Chemical Engineers.
  • Author of more than 600 works, including 13 scientific monographs, 112 copyright certificates and patents, 12 registered computer programs.

Research interests

Mathematical modeling and optimization of mechanical, heat and mass transfer and chemical processes involving dispersed media. Development of new equipment for their implementation.

Primary publications

  1. Vadim Mizonov, Ivan Balagurov, Henri Berthiaux, Cendrine Gatumel. Structuring of Batch Mixer Loading to Improve Mixing Time and Mixture Quality of Solids. Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018(41-8)1505-1510.
  2. Andrey Mitrofanov, Vadim Mizonov, Katia Tannous & Lev Ovchinnikov A Markov chain model to describe fluidization of particles with time-varying properties, Particulate Science and Technology, 2018, VOL. 36, NO. 2, 244–253.
  3. Mizonov, I. Balagurov, H. Berthiaux, C. Gatumel., Intensification of vibration mixing of particulate solids by means of multi-layer loading of components, Advanced Powder Technology 28 (11) (2017) 3049-3055.
  4. Mizonov, V., Balagurov, I., Berthiaux, H., Gatumel, C. A Markov chain model of mixing kinetics for ternary mixture of dissimilar particulate solids. Particuology 31 (2016) 80-86.
  5. Mizonov, V., Yelin, N., Sakharov, A. Theoretical study of the thermal state of building envelop in the neighborhood of embedded item. Applied Thermal Engineering, 79(2015)pp.149-152.
  6. Mizonov, V., Yelin, N. Numerical study of melting a rod by a periodically moving local heat source. International Journal of Thermal Sciences. V.97, November 2015, pp 1–8.
  7. Vadim Mizonov, Nicolay Yelin, Andrey Kotkov and Sergei Fedosov. Theoretical study of sheet construction materials drying with reversible supply of drying gas. JP Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 14, Number 3, 2017, Pages 411-420.
  8. Vadim Mizonov, Andrey Mitrofanov, Arnold Camelo and Lev Ovchinnikov. Theoretical Study of Particulate Flows Formation in Circulating Fluidized Bed. Recent Innovations in Chemical Engineering, 2018, 11(1), 20-28.