Hol’kin Anatolij

Co-Chair of the Presidium of the Committee


Academician of RAS

Chief Researcher, IGIC RAS

Contact Information

119991, Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 31, IGIC RAS
E-mail: kholkin@igic.ras.ru
Tel. work .: (495) 952-23-41


  • Chief Researcher, Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry and Separation Methods, IGIC RAS.
  • Laureate of the USSR State Prize in Science and Technology (1985).
  • Laureate of the RF Government Prize in Science and Technology (2008).
  • Awarded the Order of Honor (1997).
  • Author and co-author of over 400 scientific papers (including 4 monographs and 15 reviews) and 70 inventions.
  • Chairman of the RAS Scientific Council on Chemical Technology.
  • Chief editor of the journal “Chemical Technology”.
  • Honorary Professor of D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia

Research interests

Extraction chemistry and technology; hydrometallurgy of non-ferrous, rare and noble metals; complex processing of mineral, secondary and technogenic raw materials; environmental problems; synthesis of inorganic compounds and materials.

Primary publications

  1. Kholkin A.I., Gindin L.M., Markova L.S., Shtilman I.S. Extraction of metals with phenols. The science. Novosibirsk. 1976.190 s.
  2. Kholkin A.I., Patrusheva T.N .. Extraction-pyrolytic method. Obtaining functional oxide materials. M .: KomKniga – 2006, 288 p.
  3. Zolotov Yu.A., Kholkin A.I., Pashkov G.L. et al. Hydrometallurgical processes for processing non-traditional raw materials of rare and non-ferrous metals – M. “STC” FORUM “2006, 180 p.
  4. Gladun V.D., Akateva L.V., Kholkin A.I. Synthetic calcium silicates. M. “IRISBOOK” 2011.232s.
  5. Kholkin A.I., Kuzmin V.I. Binary extraction // Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 1982 T.27 No. 8 S.2070-2074.
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