Golosman Evgenij

Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor

Honored Chemist of the Russian Federation

Contact Information:

301651, Tula region, Novomoskovsk,
st. Communication, 10, LLC “NIAP-CATALIZATOR”
e-mail: evgolosman@yandex.ru
Phone / fax (work): (48762) 7-15-41; 7-18-18 ext. 342
Tel. mob .: 8-910-164-66-76


  • Chief Researcher of “NIAP-KATALIZATOR”.
  • Laureate of the RF Government Prize in Science and Technology.
  • Laureate of the S.I. Mosin, V.N. Ipatieva, B.S. Stechkin, V.G. Shukhov.
  • Full member of the Russian Engineering Academy (RIA) and the International Academy of Ecology.
  • Author of more than 335 articles, including 4 scientific monographs, about 100 CA and patents, as well as about 450 publicistic articles and interviews.
  • From 1996 to 2016, Professor of the Department of Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances, Novomoskovsk Institute, Mendeleev Russian University of Chemical Technology.

Research interests

Chemical technology of inorganic substances, physicochemical and physicomechanical studies of the formation of catalysts and carriers, development of physical and chemical foundations for the preparation of catalysts based on special high-purity cements, development of preparation technology and organization of production of industrial catalysts for chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical, food, defense and other industries. Publications and performances on the problems of science, education, the work of scientific and technical societies.

Primary publications

  1. Yakerson V.I., Golosman E.Z. Catalysts and cements. Moscow: Chemistry, 1992.256 p.
  2. Golosman E.Z., Yakerson V.I. Production and operation of industrial cement-containing catalysts. NIITEKHIM, Cherkassy, ​​1992.434 p.
  3. E.Z. Golosman Industrial catalysts based on special cements for intensifying technological processes and neutralizing waste gases in the oil refining and petrochemical industries. Series: Actual problems of the oil refining and petrochemical industries. Environmental protection. Moscow: TsNIITEneftekhim, 1997.44 p.
  4. E.Z. Golosman Purification of process and exhaust gases using industrial cement-containing catalysts // Chemical technology. 2000. No. 12. S. 25-35.
  5. E.Z. Golosman Basic laws of synthesis and formation of cement-containing catalysts for various processes of organic, inorganic and environmental catalysis. // Kinetics and catalysis. 2001. T. 42. No. 3. S. 383-393.
  6. Golosman E.Z., Efremov V.N. Industrial catalysts for the hydrogenation of carbon oxides // Catalysis in industry. 2012. No. 5. S. 36-55.
    Golosman E., Efremov V. Obtaining and purification of protective atmospheres on industrial catalysts. Ed .: Palmarium Academic Publishing. Saarbrücken, Deutschland / 2016. P. 59.
  7. Golosman E.Z., Dulnev A.V., Efremov V.N., Kruglova M.A., Lunin V.V., Obysov M.A., Polivanov B.I., Tkachenko I.S., Tkachenko S .N. Innovative catalysts for chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical and other industries // Catalysis in industry. 2017.Vol. 17.No. 6.P. 487-509.