Cheshkova Anna

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Ivanovo University of Chemical Technology.

Contact Information:

153000, Ivanovo, Sheremetevsky avenue. D 7. office 243, Ivanovo University of Chemical Technology.

Tel. work: 8-4932-417855
Tel. Mob: 8-962-163-29-01


  • Professor of the Department of Chemical Technology of Fibrous Materials.
  • Honorary Worker of Education of the Russian Federation.
  • Honorary Professor, Wuhan University of Technology.
  • Expert of the Technical Council of the Technological Platform of the Russian Federation “Textile and Light Industry”.
  • Expert of the federal project ITS “Best Available Technologies”.
  • Author of over 180 scientific papers, including 1 monograph, 6 textbooks, more than 100 articles, 10 patents, 3 electronic educational publications.
  • 5 Ph.D. theses have been defended under the supervision.
  • Member of two dissertation councils.

Research interests

Theoretical and practical foundations of rationalization and greening of preparation technologies for coloring textile materials, development of cost-effective biochemical technologies for deep processing of plant raw materials, in particular, the processes of cottonization of low-grade flax, fiber modification using highly selective biochemical catalysts, as well as improvement of programs and methods of teaching practices, coloring courses, design, color science, taking into account new digital technologies and software products.

Primary publications

  1. A.V. Cheshkova Chemical technologies in textile design / monograph // Cheshkova A.V., Vladimirtseva E.L., Shibashova S.V., Kozlova O.V. / edited by Cheshkova A.V. ed. ISKhTU. Ivanovo, 2013, 39 pp., -S.312
  2. A.V. Cheshkova. New Biochemical Approaches to Fiber Modification in the Solution of the Problem of Unifying Cellulose Pretreatment Technologies // A.V. Cheshkova A.E. Zavadskii, V.A. Loginova, ISSN 1070-3632, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 2013, Vol. 83, No. 1,, -177-184. © 2013 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.
  3. Technologies of biochemical synthesis and modification of chemical fibers / Cheshkova A.V. // Chemical fibers, No. 6. 2004. P.37-41.
  4. A.V. Cheshkova. Environmental aspects of the use of enzymes in textile production // Izv. VUZov. TTP, No. 1, 2005. pp.67-70
  5. A.V. Cheshkova Unification of fabric finishing technology: efficiency and environmental friendliness [Text] / Cheshkova A.V., Kozlova O.V. // Izv Universities Technology of light industry.-2013.-№2.-p. 42-56
  6. A.V. Cheshkova New approaches to biochemical modification for unified technologies for the preparation of cellulose-containing materials [Text] / Cheshkova AV, Zavadsky AE, Loginova VA ” .-2011, Journal of the Russian Chemical Society. Mendeleev. – 2011, Vol. 55, No. 3, pp. 59-66
  7. A.V. Cheshkova Textbook “Enzymes and technologies for textiles, detergents, leather and fur”, Ivan. state chemical-technol. un-t-Ivanovo 2007, p.280
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