Bokova Elena

Нач. отдела магистратуры д.т.н., проф., Бокова Елена Сергеевна

Doctor of Technical Sciences

Professor of the Kosygin State University of Russia

Contact Information:

117997, Moscow, st. Sadovnicheskaya, 33, bldg. 1, The Kosygin State University of Russia
Tel. work .: (495) 951-08-20
Tel. mob .: 8-903-675-91-71


  • Professor of the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Polymeric Materials and Nanocomposites at the Institute of Chemical Technology and Industrial Ecology.
  • Head of the Department of Magistracy of The Kosygin State University of Russia.
  • Member of the Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission on Chemical Technology, member of Dissertation Councils for specialties 05.17.06 and 05.19.05 at The Kosygin State University of Russia.
  • Expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Research interests

Specialist in the field of physical and chemical fundamentals of polymer processing by the method of phase separation in a precipitant medium and directed regulation of the processes of structure formation of polymer solutions in the production of fibrous-porous materials and coatings (biotechnological materials, packaging materials, films, synthetic leather, separating membranes, catalyst carriers). Investigation of the processes of complexation of polymer-polymer and interpolymer complexes with low-molecular-weight intermediaries and development of priority methods for their practical application, including in the form of nanosystems, for modifying polymer solutions in the preparation of highly porous materials and coatings for chemistry and biotechnology. Experience in the implementation of scientific and project activities and the implementation of scientific developments.

Additional professional interests are new educational technologies and their introduction into the educational process in the implementation of the University’s master’s programs.

Primary publications

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