25 of September, 2021

Dear Colleagues! The first issue of the new journal “Industrial Processes and Technologies” has been published!
The journal is registered with RosKomNadzor. Registration date 09/08/2020
Certificate number PI No. FS-77-79039. ISSN 2713-0789
The journal is devoted to three areas: processes and devices of chemical technologies, ecology and industrial heat power engineering. These areas include a wide range of issues that solve modern problems of industrial technology.
The editorial board and the publisher of the journal invite authors who wish to support the idea of ​​creating a high-quality publication that will ensure its entry into international citation bases: Web of Science and Scopus, entry into the list of High Attestation Commission journals.
To maintain the quality of the journal, an international editorial board has been created, which includes scientists and high-level professionals. The editorial board of the journal is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Kosygin State University of  Russia Konstantin Ivanovich Kobrakov.
The journal is planned to be published in Russian and English and is aimed at an international audience. The founder of the journal is the the Kosygin State University of Russia, Department of Energy and Resource Efficient Technologies, Industrial Ecology and Safety.
By clicking on the link you can see the current issue of the journal and submit an article.